Our Mission at SheDidDat is to celebrate the non- traditional achievements of women; as well as, impart awareness and improve the esteem and value of women. One t-shirt, one testimony at a time.


We #inspire. We #uplift. We #motivate. We #share. 

We will forever strive to be our sister's keeper and encourage other's to do the same. We will never knowingly disappoint you. We will support a multitude of initiatives beyond apparel that inspires and uplifts women.


Letter (Prayer) from the Founder

My prayer for SheDidDat.

To My First Love- The only Father I've ever known,

Father God, I Thank you. For all that you are and for all that you inspire us to be. Thank you for making me in your image, for showing me my first identity. Thank you for knowing me before I was created in my mothers womb, thank you for showing me myself in you. I made mistakes, I turned away but now I'm back home with my first love - You. Thank you for teaching me and for guiding me back to you through your correction. It hurt like hell but in the end it was worth it. What a privilege it is to know you. I just want to keep you all to myself; however, I know the time has come for me to share you with others and split the glory.

Lord bless the person reading this, may they always find rest in you. When the world has had it's way with them, may you restore them as you did me. When darkness has blinded them, may you always keep a light on for them as you did for me.

Lord, bless shediddat to empower others and to do that in which we intend it to. Let this business be used for your glory. Bless every product, and every hand that touches it. Bless every employee, person, and entity associated with shediddat. 

This day May 9th, 2021. (Mother's Day)

In my friend, my savior Jesus' name,